European Antibiotics Awareness Day, 18th November 2015

The Antibiotics Awareness Day saw a high profile campaign organised by the Public Health Department with the assistance of Dr Nicholas Cortes a Consultant Microbiologist. It was part of the European Antibiotic Awareness week to promote awareness of antibiotics as a lifesaving resource that unfortunately carries a high risk of[…]

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European Antibiotic Awareness Week, November 2015

GHA supports European Antibiotic Awareness Week which falls during the week 15th – 21st Nov 2015. The public and health professionals are urged to become ‘Antibiotic Guardians’ and take a pledge to stop and prevent antibiotic resistance which has become a global health problem. Click here for more information on preventing[…]

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Promoting Diabetes Awareness, 13th November 2015

Diabetes is the result of consistently high blood sugar levels and if untreated can lead to serious health complications. World Diabetes Day 2015 was celebrated by the GHA Team comprising the diabetes nurses,dieticians and health promotion department on Friday 13th November outside the ICC Building.

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