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Covid-19 – Delta Variant

The Delta variant of Covid-19 is circulating widely. In addition to symptoms already known, this variant also causes runny eyes and nose, mild headaches and nasal congestion. If you suffer from hay fever, the virus can mimic many of its symptoms. Do not assume it is just hay fever. It[…]

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Covid-19 Certificates

Vaccination Certificates Who needs a Vaccine Certificate? A vaccine certificate may is required by anyone needing to show proof of having been vaccinated with either the first or second dose (Batch number will be indicated) when travelling abroad.Please check conditions of entry to the country you are travelling as there[…]

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Covid-19 Considerations

As we try to find a new normal living with Covid-19 it is important to stay vigilant with regard to risks. The more shops, establishments, events and facilities we visit the higher our risk of exposure to viral spread; particularly if in an enclosed space with asymptomatic carriers. Vaccination helps to[…]

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Testing positive for Covid-19 on holiday in Gibraltar

If you test positive for Covid-19 on entry to Gibraltar or during your stay, the Contact Tracing team (CTB) will contact you. You will be advised on isolation and given guidance to prevent further spread. It is likely: You will be unable to travel within a 10-day period (this may[…]

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Yr2021: HM GoG Press Conferences – COVID-19

April Chief Minister’s Script: COVID-19 Press Conference April 8th 2021 [Zero Cases – Restrictions Lifted] February Chief Minister’s Script – COVID-19 Press Conference – February 19th 2021 Chief Minister’s Script – COVID 19 Press Conference – February 12th 2021 January CHIEF MINISTER’S SCRIPT – PRESS CONFERENCE – January 29th 2021[…]

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Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

The Covid-19 vaccination campaign is the hopeful key to achieving community protection against this virus. The Gibraltar Health Authority establish a rapid roll-out campaign in order to reduce mortality and allow the gradual easing of existing restrictions. Read more HERE.

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Long Covid

Emerging evidence indicates that there are several short and long-term health effects associated with COVID-19. As the pandemic unfolds, studies indicate that there are many ways infection with Covid-19 can affect someone’s health; and many organs besides the lungs are affected. How long it takes to recover from coronavirus is[…]

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Covid-19 Vaccination – Registering your interest

Please click the relevant link below to complete the form to register your interest for Covid-19 vaccination. General registration form University Students 65 – 70 years of age Over 70 years of age (You can also call 200 66966 to arrange) CAT2 individuals Note, if you have previously submitted your[…]

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