About Us

About Us

What is Health Promotion?

“Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health” (World Health Organisation)

Health promotion extends beyond individual behaviours and encourages the wider community to help address the many influences that affect our population health. A large part of the health promotion role is providing information and education to ensure people have the knowledge they need to make healthy choices.

What do the Health Promotion Department in Gibraltar do?

The aim of our health promotion department is to maintain and improve the mental, physical and social health and the well-being of the people who live and work in Gibraltar.

The department is dynamic, addressing the reorientation and changes of health and social policy in order to influence health behaviours.

The health promotion department provides a wide range of services which include training, project development and the creation and distribution of a  variety of health information resources.

The Health Promotion Officers work principally with several professionals from the health service, the department of education and across the community. Representatives from different focus groups in the voluntary sector and the general public provide a wealth of support.

Core Functions

  • Contribution to the development and implementation of strategies and policies which impact on health.
  • The development and facilitation of educational initiatives and training in public health.
  • Facilitation and enabling of communities and/or particular interest groups.
  • Initiation, management and evaluation of work programmes and/or specific health projects.
  • Provision of advice and information, resources and practical support to anyone involved in health promotion activity.