Bug Busting Day, 15th June 2018

Bug Busting Day, 15th June 2018

June 15th marks the second bug busting day of 2018!

What is Bug Busting?

Bug Busting forms part of a national education initiative, asking parents and schools to help take steps to eradicate head lice.

Parents (and carers) of young children are encouraged to check their heads for lice, regardless of itching or the sight of eggs. The aim is to identify and remove any lice in circulation, stopping the problem in one go and preventing endless circulation.

Getting the entire school community involved in bug busting makes it much easier to control infestations and reduce health inequalities. By supporting the bug busting initiative you ensure that everyone is treated equally and the stigma associated with catching head lice is removed.

The cost is also minimal. Using normal shampoos and conditioners to mechanically remove lice is a recommended method of lice removal, and is a safe method compared to expensive chemical products formulated to kill.

For instructions on the recommended Wet Combing method and for more information on head lice, click here.