‘CHAMP’ – A summer of Nutritional Goodness, 7th July 2018

‘CHAMP’ – A summer of Nutritional Goodness, 7th July 2018

The second CHAMP event for 2018  was held on Saturday 7th July at Eastern Beach from 1:30pm-4:30pm. The main focus of this event was on eating healthy and staying hydrated.

Several professionals came together to create a hub that provided exciting fresh fruit and veggies to all. A blind taste guessing game was played involving several vegetables, a favourite being carrot and radish providing the strangest faces!

Deliciously flavoured spa waters were offered in place of artificially sweetened beverages; the Strawberry, Orange and Basil recipe requested most often.

Important information on sugar and quantities of sugar in common foods and drink were displayed with interactive displays offered by the Youth team; visiting children were surprised to learn the amount of sugar they consume in one drink, particularly sports drinks.

Beach art with shells, sea weed, stones and beach debris was carried out by Childline; allowing children to use their imagination, get creative, and enjoy some shade from the hot summer sun.