Make a swap when you next shop! (C4L Jan 2019)

Make a swap when you next shop! (C4L Jan 2019)

The latest campaign from Change4Life aims to help parents see how making a few simple swaps to their everyday food and drinks can really make a difference.

There is a surprisingly high amount of sugar in everyday food and drink products:

  • high sugar cereals and cereal bars
  • sugary drinks (including fizzy drinks, milkshakes and fruit juices)
  • higher-sugar yoghurts
  • higher-sugar puddings

You can help reduce your child’s sugar intake by swapping to lower-sugar options in selected categories such as puddings, drinks, yoghurts and cereals. Good food swap ideas include ice creams for sugar free jelly, high sugar milk shakes for milk, and sweets for fresh or dried fruit snacks.



Search Change4Life for loads of helpful tips, hacks and tasty low-cost and lower-sugar meal ideas. And if you haven’t tried it already download and use the ‘Food Scanner’ app to see what you common food products contain.