International Men’s Day, 19th November 2018

International Men’s Day, 19th November 2018

The Ministry of Equality marked international men’s day with the support of health promotion, GibSams and the Prostate Cancer Support group.

Improving awareness of issues affecting men, and men’s health in general, is important. In order to address health equality it is necessary to highlight the health differences that exist. In comparison to women, men in Gibraltar are:


  •  more likely to be overweight or obese
  • more likely to smoke
  • drinking more units of alcohol per week

Minister Sacramento also highlighted that men are more likely to commit suicide.
Surprisingly, men are more likely to report themselves as being very healthy.

[see: Gibraltar Health & Lifestyle Survey 2015 for more information]

It is clear that positive mental health and lifestyle information remains paramount to men’s health promotion, and international men’s day provides a good opportunity to reinforce this.