Guidance upon entry to Gibraltar (Covid-19 Travel Advice)

Guidance upon entry to Gibraltar (Covid-19 Travel Advice)

There are no current restrictions for anyone entering Gibraltar from Spain. Read the day visitor’s guide HERE. 

Those entering Gibraltar are required to:

  • Follow testing and self-isolation advice as stipulated by HM Government.
  • Wear a mask if using public transportation and in accordance with local legislation. 
  • Call 111 immediately if you feel unwell at any point (even if you have already been swabbed).
    Note: If calling from a Non-Gibraltar telephone line you will need to call 00350 20072266 await the pick up by a call handler and request a line transfer to 111.

Swabbing Services

Using the GHA/ Public Health service:

Those with a valid GHA card are entitled to a free Covid-19 test once every 8 weeks. To arrange your test please call 200 41818.

Private companies:

It is also possible to arrange private swabbing through any of the following clinics (payment as advised by each clinic):