No Smoking Day – Only 2 weeks away!

No Smoking Day – Only 2 weeks away!

This year the No Smoking Day campaign focuses on individual approaches to quitting, the slogan being: #TellUsYourWay

According to the last Health and Lifestyle Survey smoking prevalence has increased in Gibraltar; men are more likely to smoke than women, and children more likely to smoke if just one of their parents do.

Smoking is a leading factor in many causes of death and chronic disease, including cancer, respiratory and heart diseases. The World Health Organisation (2016) highlight that tobacco use will kill up to half of its users, and is responsible for around 7 million deaths a year.

It is never too late to quit, and if you’ve tried before and failed it’s not too late try again (perhaps using a different method)!

Everyone is different and so the approach to quitting is different for each person.

You may try:

  • Taking advantage of the free Champix (Varenicline) or NRT offered through the GHA smoke cessation service
  • looking into e-cigarettes
  • going it alone with a lot of willpower

It is good to note that smokers are up to 4 times more likely to successfully quit with support, so you may consider contacting the GHA Smoke Cessation Service on 2000 7865 or getting an appointment by visiting the Green area in the Primary Care Centre. Telling your friends and family any quitting plans will also help you commit to quitting, and gain further motivation.

If you are looking for support, advice or just a high five for being smoke-free, come and speak with the team at this No Smoking Day campaign; we will be in the Piazza (from 10:00 – 14:00) on Wednesday 14th March 2018.