Sexual Health Awareness Day, 27th September 2018

Sexual Health Awareness Day, 27th September 2018

Sexual Health Week 2018 runs from the 24th -30th September, and this year Gibraltar celebrated it’s first Sexual Health awareness event. 

The Family Planning Association (FPA) UK run the annual Sexual Health Awareness campaign in order to broaden our understanding of sexual health issues. In previous years, campaigns have covered multiple themes affecting sexual health, including contraceptive choices, effects of alcohol, and the importance of communication in relationships. This year the FPA have chosen the theme Consent: yes yes yes!

Consent is more than saying ‘No’ to unwanted activity. It is about listening, negotiating, and enthusiastically agreeing.

Consent is defined in Gibraltar Law under section 301 of the 2011 Crimes Act. To provide consent a person must agree by choice, and have the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Understanding what consent means, how to give it, how to recognise it in others and understand issues of sexual abuse, grooming, exploitation and harassment are all areas to be covered by new Sexual Education Programs introduced in the UK. It is vital that children are taught the concept of consent in an age-appropriate way from young; to learn how to deal with peer pressure, and be aware that consent can both be given and withdrawn.

Protecting your sexual health

Sexual health encompasses a range of considerations, extending beyond the absence of diseases and dysfunctions. For many people it involves establishing a strong foundation of confidence and understanding regarding their choices and resources available to make informed decisions. Talking about puberty, relationships, sex and all the areas associated, can feel awkward for some but may be made easier with outside support and guidance.

The new Well Person Unit soon to be launched will offer several services that influence sexual health; including advice on contraceptives, family planning and routine screening checks. For more information contact the department:

Well Person Unit Reception
Primary Care Centre
Monday – Friday , 9am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
Tel: 200 07842