Skin Cancer Screening Day 21st April 2018

Skin Cancer Screening Day 21st April 2018

Today the Dermatology Department of the GHA held its annual Skin Cancer Screening Open Day at the Primary Care Centre.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for the public to have any notable skin changes checked out by the Dermatology team, GPWSI Dr Ferrera, CNS Linda Castro and CNS Nuria Campos and the visiting consultant’s dermatologists from the UK, Dr Burd and Prof Graham-Brown.

The importance of protecting yourself from sun exposure cannot be over-emphasized. Anyone who has a new or changing mole on their skin is invited to attend the clinic on the day.


Lesions or moles that warrant examination

  • Irregular shape
  •  Growing rapidly
  • Bleeding
  • 2 or more colours
  • Bigger than 6mm