Children, Healthy and Active! Multi Agency Programme

CHAMP was launched on Saturday 7th April after over a year of intense planning and preparation by a group of professionals from various government departments in Gibraltar. The aim of CHAMP is for these professionals to work together to create an informative, pragmatic and supportive environment in which local children and families are empowered and encouraged to live healthy and active lives.

The departments involved represent Healthcare, Public Health, Social care, Education and Sports and Culture; with several other NGOs also involved.

There have been several CHAMP events focusing on topics such as nutrition, exercise and festive cheer. This year the focus has been on  mental well-being, marked with a MindKind event. For upcoming events and information event see the Facebook Page here.

Who are you?What do you do? 
Daya Dewfall / Emily LopezHealth Promotion Officers for the Department of Public HealthSee:
Call: 200 07017 / 200 07020
Annie DaiConsultant paediatrician for the Gibraltar Health AuthoritySee:
Cheryl Figueras /
Charles Russo
Dietitians for the Gibraltar Health AuthoritySee:
Gail CarrerasPhysiotherapist for the Gibraltar Health AuthoritySee:
Sera FromowEnvironmental Officer for the Dept. of EnvironmentSee:
Call: 200 66509
Jackie LinaresEducational Liaison for the
Department of Education
Louise Mauro / Susan BenitezChild Health Nurses for the Gibraltar Health Authority Call: 200 70143 / 200 07244
Gerry Fortuna / Isabel OrtizCardiac Rehabilitation Nurses for the
Gibraltar Health Authority
Call: 200 07203
Angelo CerisolaSocial Worker for the Care
Agency Children’s Service
Cynthia MaokoDiabetes Specialist Nurse, PaediatricsSee:
Liam PayasAssistant Sports Development and Training ManagerSee:
Call: 200 63392