COVID-19 Gibraltar Figures 2021

COVID-19 Gibraltar Figures 2021




* False positive result counted, sample retested twice and found to be negative
**One case detected in Gibraltar but non-resident


*Upon a review of the Covid statistics a discrepancy was noted between the daily figures reported from the COVID-19 data Model and the people traced by the Contact Tracing Bureau in regards to COVID-19.
An investigation into the discrepancy revealed five swab result had been erroneously marked as positive by the labs. These were therefore being fed into the COVID-19 data model incorrectly. Additionally, four swabs were correctly marked as ‘re-infected’ by the COVID-19 data model but were counted more than once due to an unforeseen coding error.
Overall, the number of total confirmed cases has been reduced by 9 (8 resident and 1 non-resident) bringing to the total confirmed cases to 4,282 (4,283 including the new case detected April 23rd).