European Immunization Week, 23rd- 29th April 2018

European Immunization Week, 23rd- 29th April 2018

European Immunization Week (EIW) is an awareness campaign that emphasizes the fact that immunization is vital to disease prevention.

The slogan – Prevent. Protect. Immunize.

The European Region boasts generally high childhood immunization coverage and is progressing towards the goals of the European Vaccine Action Plan, which includes the elimination of measles and rubella. Unfortunately, a number of children across Europe and indeed within Gibraltar miss out on the protection they deserve.

To help reduce immunization gaps, EIW 2018 focuses on immunization as an individual right and shared responsibility.

Whilst vaccinations provide individual protection from dangerous disease, they also have a great influence on the wider community. When all eligible individuals in a community are vaccinated, the small number of susceptible people left is insufficient to sustain the transmission of contagious disease. Together, those vaccinated protect others who are more vulnerable, including babies. Every person has the right to be immunized and shares the social responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Vaccination has dramatically reduced the burden of infectious diseases, and millions of lives are saved worldwide because of them. Yet anti-vaccine lobbying still thrives in spite of the undeniable success of vaccination programmes (particularly against formerly fearsome diseases that are now rare or eradicated in developed countries).

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