More Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening

More Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening

Richard Cartwright – 13.12.18

“I suppose it goes without saying you should look after your health at any age. However many ailments seem to manifest themselves later in life such as bowel problems and others in that area, especially in men: bowel cancer, prostate issues etc. I understand are more prevalent in men.


Gents, once you’ve hit 50 or 55 start taking health issues and therefore preventative measures really seriously. Forget your, what I would describe in some of us as, a puerile stance when visits to your GP are advised, importantly keeping to your appointments and taking part in programmes such as the biennial Bowel Screening Programme. These matters are far from childish and trivial. It is seriously immature not to take heed. Think twice before discarding the GHA package delivered to your home by your friendly postman….! Is taking the awful liquid over a few days pleasant? Of course it isn’t: neither is trying to find a parking space or getting soaked with no protection during one of our heavy downpours! The point is, none of the above will kill you, it’s not a big deal and the unpleasant beverage will help to obtain a successful investigation to determine whether interventions of any sort are needed, or….you can go home with a clean bill of health!


I tend to willingly take part in any medical procedure I’m asked to take part in because it’s for my own good, right? I’ve taken part in the Bowel Screening Programme which happened to lead to a, further, ‘necessary investigation’ producing not alarming, but precautionary results which had to be monitored to prevent matters potentially, becoming more complicated and much more serious…Thanks to downing, ‘not my favourite tipple’ and sticking to my appointments!


So Gents, forget your ‘macho stance’ and ‘I’m OK, I don’t need to see any doctor,’ attitude. We’re not getting any younger, you know that, and ‘things’ tend to start happening in certain areas in our ageing bodies. See your GP and take these programmes seriously, they’re there to help YOU, stay healthy!”



Philip – 13.12.18

“Late summer of 2016, I was invited to take part in Bowel Screening Programme. Although at the age of 63, being fit and able, and taking no medication whatsoever.


Having lost my brother to cancer 4 years prior to this, I decided to participate in the scheme.


All that the BSP team required from me was a sample of my stools. (So that is what I did).


A short time after I received a call from a member of the team asking me if I would call into St. Bernard’s to discuss the findings of my sample provided. The doctor told me that spots of blood had been found and that they would like to investigate further.


The procedure was explained to me and an appointment was arranged. (Well what a good job I sent away my samples). Two tumours were found in my colon. Afterwards in the consulting room I was told I had a cancerous tumour. This turned out to be a stage two cancer, and on the next appointment, the good surgeon explained to me how they would like to go about removing the tumour. My operation was scheduled for a date in October. The care I received from those wonderful people at St. Bernard’s was fantastic.


A few days after my operation my surgeon told me that the operation had been a cancer curing operation, and that no further treatment was required. That was more than 2 years ago. God bless you all at St. Bernard’s. Forever in your debt.”