Save A Tooth!

Save A Tooth!

Loosing a tooth may happen for a number of reasons; tooth avulsion refers to forced detachment of a tooth as a result of an accident during play, sport or injury.

Save-A-Tooth pots are devices designed specifically for saving knocked out teeth. They keep the tooth alive for 24 hours until it can be replanted by a dentist, whilst also rinsing and carrying the tooth safely. The Hanks Balanced Salt Solution in the Save-A-Tooth pots stimulates cell growth on the root; the more cells you have alive before replanting, the better chance you have of saving the tooth. Each tooth that goes into Save-A-Tooth gets its own protective slot, preventing any serious damage; the design of the slots allow dentists to remove the teeth without accidentally damaging the root. The pots also give the dentist a way to store the tooth to do additional prep work if required.

The Gibraltar Dental Association are raising awareness regarding the ‘Save-a-tooth’ pots; they have procured 20 tooth storage pots which have been distributed to the ambulance service, local sports facilities, local schools and the department of Education.

Please Note:

Whilst permanent teeth can be repositioned, baby teeth should never be repositioned due to the risks to the unerrupted (missing) permanent teeth.  If it is not possible to reposition the tooth immediately, it needs to be put in a suitable storage medium and taken with the patient to a dentist. If you witness or experience the avulsion of a tooth, make use of available ‘Save-a-tooth’ pots and visit the dentist promptly.