General Advice

General Advice

Advice for preventing specific infections and illnesses vary; you can read more common infections and their prevention here.

The basic principle of infection prevention and control is hygiene; reducing infection risks towards yourself and others.

Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICP) are aimed at preventing cross transmission from recognized and unrecognized sources of potential infection. Considerations include:

  • Washing your hands before meals, after the toilet and when they are visibly dirty.
  • Maintaining a clean environment; the use of soap and water to clean surfaces and the consistent removal of waste from the home.
  • Being aware of when you are ill, and limiting other’s (particularly babies or those with lower immunity) exposure.
  • Contacting your G.P. or healthcare professional if you have any concerns or notice deterioration.

Infection control precautions should underpin all our daily activities and extra caution should be applied when anticipating increased exposure to, or interactions with, potentially infective sources.

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