Preventing suicide: WHO Global Imperative, September 2016

Preventing suicide: WHO Global Imperative, September 2016

On the 6th September the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a series of documents in line with World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. They highlight the fact that every 40 seconds someone dies from suicide, that this figure does not include those that attempt suicide, and that the majority of all these cases are avoidable.


A myth-busting paper is provided highlighting false beliefs such as:



  • Myth: Someone who is suicidal will always be suicidal

Fact: Suicide Risk is often situation specific and short-term; people can go on to live long healthy lives

  • Myth: Talking about suicide is a bad idea

Fact: People often don’t know who to speak to, instead of encouraging suicidal behaviour it is possible to present support and options that allow a person to re-think their decision.

  • Myth: Only people with mental health issues are suicidal

Fact: Suicidal behaviour indicates unhappiness and not a mental disorder; many people live with mental disorders and never report suicidal behaviours.
A large number of people display warning signs prior to suicidal behaviour, complaining of depression, anxiety and hopelessness which they cannot control. Providing support is crucial in suicide prevention; seek social support and guidance if concerned for anyone’s wellbeing.