Covid-19 Vaccination Survey

Covid-19 Vaccination Survey

For the week of 20th – 27th November Public Health, in conjunction with the Gibraltar Chronicle, ran a survey to gauge public opinion on the imminent arrival and release of the Covid-19 vaccination. Questions included:

  • Do you intended to take the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available?
  • Would you take the vaccine if it was a travel requirement?
  • Where do you gather the majority of information about Covid-19 and the potential vaccine?

Key Findings are as follows:

  • The majority of respondents felt it was unlikely we would have a vaccine before the year ends (56%)
  • 46% would take the vaccine if it was available for free (18% remain unsure)
  • Reasons for not getting the vaccine were concerns around long-term side effects (38%) and rapid vaccine development (28%)
  • Of those who did not wish to be vaccinated, 27% felt they would take it if it was a travel requirement.
  • The main reasons for those choosing to get the vaccine is to protect the wider community (32%) and to return to normality (27%)
  • 53% would recommend their high risk relative getting vaccinated
  • The main source of information comes from mainstream media (57%)

There were clear implications for increased awareness regarding vaccination, particularly surrounding the development of a new vaccine. The director of Public Health was encouraged by the fact “only 36% of the population want to resist [vaccination as an] opportunity to go back to a normal life.”

In view of the increased use of mainstream media as a source of information it will be necessary to ensure information is disseminated using this platform.

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