Discussing Screen Time

Discussing Screen Time

Our Nation’s Health Survey 2021 shows: Since the first COVID-19 lock-down, 47% of adults report an increase in screen time.

Positives of screen time =

  • Supports friendships and connects you to a wider community
  • Encourages creativity and learning
  • Provides entertainment
  • Source of advice

Potential negatives of increased screen time =

  • Increased time sitting still, and snacking on high-density foods
  • Influence on mood, with reports of anxiety, poor self-esteem and depression
  • Exposure to negativity, “hate speech” or online abuse
  • Detrimental impact on sleep patterns

The effect of screen time varies a lot according to context making it very difficult to provide guidance. Best advice is to discuss screen time as a family, to advocate for balance, and prioritise face-to-face social interactions within the household.