Dry January 2022

Dry January 2022

The Dry January campaign is a campaign that promotes a month free of alcohol; and was initiated in 2013 with approximately 4,000 people taking part. The campaign has continued to grow with around 130,000 taking part in 2021.

Many of us drink to relax, socialise or celebrate. However, before we know it, alcohol can become a part of our everyday lives in a way that it starts to harm our bodies leading to serious consequences.  Drinking above the low risk level of 14 units a week is linked with more than 60 health conditions, including liver disease, high blood pressure, skin changes, weight gain, depression, several types of cancer and many more.

According to research published in 2018, a month off alcohol lowers blood pressure and cholesterol; and reduces diabetes risk as well as the levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood. The real magic happens when Dry January is over. A study from the University of Sussex, during and after Dry January 2019, conducted three self-completed online surveys at the start of the challenge, at the end and 6 months later. Around two thirds of the participants reported generally improved health, slept better and had more energy; and over half had lost weight and could concentrate better.

Alcohol Change UK’s Try Dry app  is your booze-free buddy for Dry January and beyond, helping you keep track of your units, calories and money saved and letting you earn badges along the way. The app also helps you track your drinking and set personalised goals all year round. Read Dry January testimonials here.

For more information on alcohol and its effects click here.

Remember, if you feel better on the inside, you are bound to feel better on the outside.  See your skin get brighter, your wallet fuller, and your days busier. Feel your step get bouncier and your mind calmer…Giving up alcohol for month could mean a new you.

Dry January –  the perfect start to the New Year!