Dyslexia in the Workplace Seminar, 24th September 2019

Dyslexia in the Workplace Seminar, 24th September 2019

This seminar on dyslexia and its impact on the work environment was held at John Mackintosh Hall and compèred by Keith Ruiz from GBC. The aim was to promote inclusiveness within the workplace and support people with dyslexia, embracing diversity and effecting change.

Key Speakers:

  • His Excellency the Governor of Gibraltar Edward Davis

Patron of the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group, His Excellency related his own experiences of being dyslexic and how he had worked through over the years to use his condition to his advantage throughout his career and working life.

  • Kate Griggs

Founder and CEO of ‘Made by Dyslexia’, that was launched by Kate and Sir Richard Branson in 2017- Kate talked us through her journey with her family being affected by dyslexia and the challenges they had faced. She strove to make education available to her children despite the dyslexia and has advocated greatly for the cause, holding the 1st Global Summit on Dyslexia in London in October 2018.

  • Benjamin Cooke

Senior Strategy Consultant at EY London, Benjamin referred to dyslexia as his superpower- it made him different and he viewed problems and issues from a completely different perspective.

The event culminated in a Q & A – the panel comprised Kate, Benjamin and Brenda Cuby, local business woman and mother of a child with dyslexia.

Key ideas to be taken away from the event included embracing our differences and drawing on our strengths. The Dyslexia support group is available for anyone within Gibraltar, and can be contacted by businesses/ associations to find out what they can do; see dyslexia.gi for more information.  Microsoft also offer free learning tools and support resources in conjunction with Made by Dyslexia that are worth looking at (click here for more information or see the video below).