Gambling harms – Evidence review

Gambling harms – Evidence review

There are various options for gambling within Gibraltar; whether it’s an online platform, participating in the lottery, playing a game in a local pub or visiting the casino or a betting shop.

A recent evidence review by Public Health England highlights that gambling can lead to a wide range of harms for gamblers, and is related to health inequalities.

Those at highest risk are typically male, in younger age groups, are lower earners (or may be unemployed) and often report lower levels of life satisfaction and wellbeing.

Gambling at all levels is associated with increased alcohol intake, whilst harmful gambling was found to affect many other areas of life too; creating problems with general health, finances, relationships, work (and/or study), tensions with cultural practice, and increasing the risk of criminal activity.

In view of these gambling-related harms there are considerable costs to society; for the UK this was estimated to be in excess of £1.27 billion.


There are various charities such as YGAM and GamCare that can provide advice on how to support anyone affected by gaming or gambling.

Immediate tips include:

  • paying important bills, such as your mortgage, on payday before you gamble
  • spending more time with family/ friends who do not gamble
  • dealing with your debts not ignoring them
  • not viewing gambling as a way to make money, and not taking credit cards with you if you go out to gamble
  • talking to someone if you have concerns about gambling

For more self-help tips and information, see the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.