Med Steps Family Fun Day 19th May 2019

Med Steps Family Fun Day 19th May 2019

Health Promotion were delighted to form part of the Med Step circuit on the Family Fun challenge (19.5.19) in aid of Cancer Relief Gibraltar.

More than 100 children had the opportunity to look at some health promotion materials, including the fat/sugar/salt content in certain foods, and discuss a few things they could do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sun safety was particularly important on the day, and free sun factor was provided.

Positive affirmations were placed along the Med steps route, along with cadet volunteers and superheroes; there was plenty of encouragement, support and positivity.

Special guests “Chase” and “Rainbow Unicorn” also found time to stop by and get some health promotion information; provided not just by the health promotion team, but by informed children too.

Health living and cancer prevention go hand in hand. Read more through World Cancer Research or Cancer Research UK.