Men’s Health Week, 15th – 21st June 2020

Men’s Health Week, 15th – 21st June 2020

Overlapping with father’s day is the annual campaign for Men’s Health. This year the theme is ‘Take Action on Covid-19’ and the Men’s Health Forum (MHF) are emphasizing that men are twice as likely to die from COVID-19 as women. The campaign aim is to ensure that men:

  • take action to avoid spreading the virus
  • take action to get the best out of lock-down and the ‘new normal’
  • take action to beat ‘underlying conditions’

Upcoming evidence suggests there are biomedical explanations for why men appear to have a greater vulnerability to COVID-19 infection and mortality. This includes a weaker immune response and a higher expression of the ACE2 receptor which provides a route for the virus to penetrate cell walls in the lungs (Read more).

However, there are thought to be various health-related behaviours and beliefs that increase men’s susceptibility to infection. These include attitudes around smoking, drinking and hand-washing (Read more). Those aged over 70 are at the greatest risk of mortality as a result of COVID-19, but following a healthy lifestyle can:

  1. reduce your risk of contracting preventable chronic illnesses, and
  2. assist your recovery should you fall ill.

[Read more on keeping Covid Fit here].

You may find it fun to test your COVID-19 knowledge with a quick quiz here.

MHF also provide a number of free resources to download and blogs to interact with, check out their site here.