No Smoking Day, 11th March 2020

No Smoking Day, 11th March 2020

No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day in the United Kingdom which aims to help smokers who want to quit smoking. The first No Smoking Day was on Ash Wednesday in 1984, and it now takes place on the second Wednesday in March.

No Smoking Day aims to bring awareness to the dangers of this addiction and to highlight resources available to help people to try and quit.

Smoking cigarettes is addictive and is financially detrimental.

Cigarettes are highly addictive and harmful not just to the person who smokes them but also to the people around them; to pets and to the environment.

The toxins in cigarettes and cigarette smoke contribute to many harmful health conditions such as cancer, heart & lung disease. It is believed that 1 in every 2 smokers will die of a smoking-related disease.

The importance of No Smoking Day

Although it may be a personal choice to smoke or not, the act of smoking has detrimental effects on the consumer and on their surroundings. The protection of people who do not want to be affected by second-hand smoke has led to legislation in communities that ban smoking in most public spaces.

If you are a smoker, the best way you can celebrate No Smoking Day is to take the opportunity to choose to quit. It may not be easy but it certainly worth it –  you will improve your health within hours and days of stopping.

If you are concerned about someone you love who smokes, offer them access to resources that can help. For information on stopping smoking, contact our FREE Smoke Cessation Clinic on: 200 52441, or book the ‘specific clinic’ via MyGHA (click here for more information).

For those who have quit; it is a time to celebrate, be proud of your achievement and encourage other smokers to take the positive step to quitting.