Guidance for returning students

Guidance for returning students

Students are considered a population with a higher prevalence of virus. Accordingly, Government of Gibraltar regulations make it mandatory for students to isolate for 5 days upon return to Gibraltar.

The requirement is to be swabbed on day 1 & day 5.

Day 1 – Day of arrival if possible, if not then the following day.

Day 5 – Final day of isolation, you will be able to stop isolating ONLY when you receive a negative result, not before.

Any tests carried out in the UK are not considered valid for entry to Gibraltar, as we need to track and trace cases locally. Failure to comply with these measures could also result in punitive action.

Students may be approached directly by a member of the Covid-19 team to facilitate this swabbing. If not, and the return journey to Gibraltar is imminent, it is important to call 200 41818 to arrange this in person.

Similarly, if the return journey to Gibraltar is planned ahead you can pre-arrange a swab by emailing: and providing the following information:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • GHA Number.
  • Contact number (UK)
  • Contact number for Gibraltar.
  • Home address where you will be isolating in Gibraltar.
  • Date & Time of arrival in Gibraltar.
  • Flight number.

Following these regulations ensures the protection of our community and Gibraltar as a whole.