Mask Exemption Guidance

Mask Exemption Guidance

The use of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic is important; they are not a lifestyle choice. As the scientific evidence continues to mount, masks (used in conjunction with additional infection prevention and control measures such as hand hygiene and adequate physical distancing) can dramatically reduce the spread of infection. They also play a role in reducing the amount of virus you may be exposed to, creating a milder sickness if infected with fewer symptoms; read more here.

If you wish or need to seek exemption from mask, you do so fully understanding the above.

In order for Public Health Gibraltar to process your mask exemption request you will need to provide information stating why you are unable to wear a mask; this documentation must state:

    • Your details (name, date of birth, GHA number and your passport/ID number).
    • That you understand the nature of this request, and are of sound mind.
    • If you have an underlying condition, and can vouch that you are making efforts to remain in best health e.g. you no longer smoke, and are not overweight (providing evidence of CO2 result or BMI as applicable).
    • You are aware that not wearing a mask puts you at risk of Covid-19 and serious consequences from that disease, including death.
    • You accept all responsibility for this decision, absolving any doctor, carer or health professional from any consequences that arise.
    • That you understand that by not wearing a mask you are putting the lives of friends, colleagues and family at greater risk of catching Covid-19 (with life-limiting consequences).
    • You understand personal liability, and that any insurance policies (personal or business) may be declared null and void as a consequence.

You should liaise with your medical professional, if appropriate, and have them submit corresponding information alongside your application (please ensure any paperwork is signed and dated).

Once you have completed the statement as above you will need it to be countersigned by someone who is not a family member/ friend (as you would for a countersignature for a passport photo); noting their name, job role, the date and a contact number.

It would also be beneficial to indicate your current Covid-19 vaccine status.

Your application will then need to be sent to: and you can expect a response from Public Health in approximately 5 working days.

It is important to note that exemptions issued by the Director of Public Health Gibraltar are only valid in Gibraltar. If intending to travel outside Gibraltar, you must seek advice from the country you will be visiting.