Sexual Health Week, 16th September 2019

Sexual Health Week, 16th September 2019

The 16th-22nd September marks Sexual Health week, and this year the focus lies on ensuring sexual health is inclusive under the title “Relationships, sex and disability”.

Sex education continues to be a taboo subject, holding various stigmas across the globe; this becomes even more evident when discussing sexual health and disabilities.

Sexual Health Week aims to normalise conversations surrounding sex and disability; and encourage professionals working with young people to support and guide healthy behaviours.

Mencap, a prominent learning disability charity in the UK, stress that those with learning disabilities face multiple barriers when it comes to accessing sexual health education, resources and guidance. Without sufficient education it is difficult to understand or explore sexuality, or make healthy decisions regarding sex and relationships. Mencap produced a beautiful video highlighting that love does not discriminate:

Mencap #CelebrateTheLove

We are very fortunate to have a free health care service in Gibraltar. The GHA’S Well Person Unit provides sexual health check-ups and advice for all (200 07842). People with disabilities have the same rights as anyone else; to express their sexuality and have sexual relationships.

For more information see the Brooks website (here).