Supporting Transgender Children (Mermaids), 8th November 2019

Supporting Transgender Children (Mermaids), 8th November 2019

Health Promotion was invited to attend one of the several seminars run across the week courtesy of the Mermaids Charity. The well delivered session by Rosy Rowley gave the opportunity to think and discuss what we mean by ‘sex’ ‘gender’ ‘gender identity’ ‘gender expression’ and everything in-between.

Rosy highlighted the impact of social conditioning when it comes to gender roles, and played the following clip as a way to get us reflecting on behaviours we may not be aware we display:

For a child questioning their own gender role or identity outside support is crucial, and there are small changes that can be made within a community to ensure everyone feels accepted. Perhaps a very easy change mentioned was not assuming someone else’s gender, or expressly stating your own pronouns after introducing yourself to allow for clarification (e.g. He/Him, She/Her).

See: Mermaids Charity for more information.

Before the session ended we were given some feedback from Max a young man who has experienced the transgender transition  in Gibraltar. First point of contact, should a child/ young person exploring gender identity or wanting outside advice, is the G.P (a standard appointment should be made with the Primary Care Centre). Referrals can then be made to a psychologist as part of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) or to the highly specialist Gender Identity Development Service (GIDs) where appropriate [noting a waiting list period of around 2 years].