Unlocking the Rock

Unlocking the Rock

Note: As of year commencing 2021 the content on this page is deemed outdated, see latest guidance for Covid-19 here.

HM Government of Gibraltar have released a strategy document detailing the phased return to work and life pre-Covid-19 [click here for document in full]. The gradual process of unlocking is necessary to facilitate the effects of each phase, noting any changes to infection rates that may trigger “re-locking” criteria. The six phases described are as follows:


Key Considerations

  • Guidance for re-locking the rock / deviating from the above stipulations is highlighted here.
  • Advice continues to be – stay at home where possible, and when going out ensure you maintain physical distancing / best hygiene practice.
  • Masks are being recommended, in line with the World Health Organisation, inside buildings and vehicles where it is not possible to keep between 1- 2 metres AND for anyone with suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

For the approach to locking and unlocking click here.

As of May 18th (Phase 2)

  • Visiting family members in their homes is permitted, keeping gatherings below 12 people.
  • Years 2, 6, and one secondary school year group (yet to be confirmed) will attend school for 2 hours (either morning or afternoon).
  • Exhibitions, museums and libraries opened, with some access restrictions in place
  • Patients awaiting treatment will be contacted based on waiting time since referral and deterioration of symptoms, N.B. services for over 70 years will remain on hold
  • Private gymnasiums are permitted to open, in line with permit from Public Health (requests to be sent to coronavirus@gha.gi). Private trainers can recommence classes when social distancing is maintained and they use a mask.
  • Minor works can continue with a permit from Chief Technical Officer (Call: 200 59800 / 200 59803)
  • *21st May, regulations regulating freedom to movement are repealed

As of June 1st (Phase 3)

  • Stand down from major incident (MAJAX) declaration
  • Line Wall road & Chatham Counterguard road closures
  • Retail sector opening hours to return to normal
  • Public transport to recommence with certain stipulations (for example masks on buses)
  • Religious gatherings recommence, abiding by social distancing rules
  • Theatrical/ musical performances recommence without live audiences
  • Limited re-opening of restaurants

As of June 16th (Phase 4)

  • Re-opening of bars with hygiene restrictions
  • Considerations made for the re-introduction of additional year groups returning to education
  • Bathing Season begins, B. no access to Europa and GASA bathing pools for anyone under 70 years
  • Colon cancer screening recommences
  • Phased introduction of contact sports permitted (see Document pgs 51-54 for more)

As of June 29th (Phase 5)

  • Plan to allow public gatherings, such as weddings and religious ceremonies
  • Majority of sports now permitted, with adherence to hygiene/ sanitation considerations
  • Family visits to recommence for Elderly residential services
  • Restaurants to allow a greater occupancy

As of July 15th (Phase 6)

  • Review of all restrictions currently in place on the rock
  • All screening services recommence

Removal of all lock down measures as of August 1st* if restriction measures are no longer required and the risk of COVID-19 infection remains low