Vaccine Q & A email is now live

Vaccine Q & A email is now live

With the Covid-19 vaccine already being rolled out in the UK and due for imminent release in Gibraltar, it is important you get the information you need from a validated source.

Do you have a question about vaccines? -Herd immunity, BCG, MMR, Flu, COVID-19…

Each week Public Health Gibraltar will put out an answer to a question posed by you. It can be any question regarding vaccination.


We want to know what information you feel you are missing, in order to provide the evidence based answers from professionals in the field.

The Q & A platform aims to address communal questions; emails will not receive a one to one reply. The team will answer the most frequently appearing questions (pooling answers where possible, for similar queries).
[Note: If you have a pressing concern we advise you access your healthcare professional directly as usual].

If you have a question it is likely someone else could learn from the answer too; please get in touch today.