World Health Day, 7th April 2022

World Health Day, 7th April 2022

World Health Day is a global observance of health as a human right. This day was inaugurated in 1950 to celebrate achievements and generate awareness regarding specific health themes. Everyone, from healthcare professionals and policymakers to families and individuals of all ages, has a role to play in global health.  

Each year, thousands of lives are lost due to preventable diseases. Diseases that affect communities disproportionately based on geographical limitations. Access to safe, affordable healthcare should be respected as a human right. The World Health Organization (WHO) promote person-centred care, stressing that when people are treated as individuals with the opportunity to be active participants in their own care, the outcomes are better (individually, for health care systems, and for the wider community). There is still a lot that can be done, which is why the key principle of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to ensure that no one is left behind.

Tips to reduce your carbon footprint :

🌳Rethink transportation – Green your commute by walking to work if possible, car-sharing, using public transport, riding a bike or advocating for bike lanes.

🌳Reduce food waste

🌳Shop sustainably

🌳Make more plant-based food choices – eat less meat and dairy. [Studies suggest that a high-fibre plant-based diet is beneficial to your health].

🌳Spread the word – encourage friends and family to reduce their carbon pollution. Join a global movement, such as Count Us In, which aims to inspire 1 billion people to take practical steps and challenge their leaders to act on climate change.

World Health Day also provides the opportunity to release the World Health Statistics Report, an annual publication of health data covering a wide range of areas from new-born and child health to environmental risks.

Universal health coverage is the number one goal of the World Health Organization. On 7th April, everyone is invited to celebrate their health and look to an even healthier future.