Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening

Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening

Are you 60 years and older?
Do you know someone who has received their screening test kit but is undecided on whether or not to take part?

Read some of the informative and inspiring first-hand testimonials below, and make sure you (and those you know) take part!



Sarah Levy – 21.11.18

“My husband had bowel cancer. He had an operation & 40% of his colon was removed. He then needed chemotherapy. There was no screening programme at the time sadly.

We should all be grateful there is a screening programme that would detect early signs, before even becoming cancerous. I urge everyone to participate. It is very simple to do and with no discomfort. Prevent getting cancer.”


William Parnell – 28.11.18

“The Bowel Screening Programme saved my life!

Yes, that is the statement that best fits my opinion of the GHA’s Bowel Screening Programme. It’s a very simple 3 day stool sampling that can be done at home and is extremely effective in detecting any potential bowel tumours / cancer growths.

In my case I had 3 positive results although I felt in completely normal health and no unusual bowel activity. However, a follow-up endoscopy identified a problem in the large intestine which I then had surgery at the GHA well before the cancer had spread.

I can commend the GHA’s Bowel Screening Programme to all men even if you feel in good health; it’s just like having an MOT for your car!

It’s not a test that should be avoided; you owe it to yourself, spouse and family.”


Arthur – 29.11.18

“Thanks to screening my prostate cancer was detected and successfully removed 15 years ago. I believe in screening as early warning can make all the difference.

When it was announced that the GHA would carry out Bowel Screening I actually went to see how soon I could participate.

My wife has recently died of liver cancer. Cancer is very treacherous.

I would encourage anyone who has doubts, to participate. It is easy and straightforward and it can make all the difference.”


Mariza – 30.11.18

“I have participated twice in the Bowel Screening Programme. Up till now, both results have been negative.

Bowel and other cancers, as we all know, are on the increase and this screening is a very simple procedure that is offered to us once we reach the age of 60, and one we should be grateful for. Not many countries offer this procedure especially in the times we are living, where there are so many cut-backs on health procedures.

I, unfortunately, have a history of cancer from both parents but even if I hadn’t, I would still be making use of cancer screening offered both for colon and breast.

I earnestly encourage everyone to do so. We never know if we might be the next one. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and in so doing we might be affording the “battle against cancer” because it has already been defeated on time. Be sensible, it might be your life at stake!”


Lionel Linares – 1.12.18

“I am a 68 year old retired. Due to another check provided by the GHA, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year back. I am being checked or screened every three months with mutual consent with my specialist.

Referring to the Bowel Screening Programme every two or three years “IS” the best thing ever diagnose any problem within the bowel system. I would advise any person to carry out this bowel checks or screening. It does not incur any financial problem to anyone; it is a free screening offered to everyone by the GHA.

The instructions are easy to follow and (the samples are) to be handed over to the hospital lab.”