Keeping CovidFit with Self-Care

Keeping CovidFit with Self-Care

Understanding our own bodies, identifying when we are unwell and choosing to stay home to prevent the spread to others is the basis of all good infection control.

Public Health Gibraltar launches its second COVID campaign  that addresses self-care  using the catch phrase:

Self-care: How. When. Where

The aim of this campaign is to reinforce what we can do for ourselves when feeling unwell, when we should seek a healthcare professional’s advice, and where to access the appropriate services.

We all experience the same infections differently, yet there are key symptoms to be aware of in regards to the COVID-19 virus. Thses include:

  • a new cough
  • fever
  • unexplained headaches
  • body fatigue 

If you notice new symptoms, go home immediately, and contact 111 for advice. You can also use the government self-test tool [] to check symptoms.

COVID-19 remains deadly for the elderly and those with unstable underlying illnesses, however, it is important to remember that there are people who will still suffer and pass away from non-Covid related illnesses and it is vital that you seek help when you need it.

Make sure you know who to contact and when. Visit: